Hello ISC Family,


I did Xterra World championship in Maui two weeks ago.

It was the best race in Maui I have done. It was not only result but also how I raced.
I have been having some health issue of my upper stomach. I did ultrasound and blood test but it looked nothing wrong. That was a good news to know but the pain never gone and that's made me anxious about race to finish.
Except this issue, I prepared well for this race. My training has been doing well this year. I am injury free. My mental got stronger as well as my fitness. Yes, I was ready.

At the race day, it was perfect day for race. We worried about rain because since Wednesday it had been raining almost every day. It made mess the trail. But the trail conditions were perfect and we saw sun from race morning. It couldn't be better than this. Only one things....It was big waves at swim course.

To make to close to perfect condition for myself, I have been taking care my diet and nutrition what I take from few weeks before race to finish race, timing of eat, taking gels.

As World Championship, Maui course is one of the toughest course in Xterra races. Swimming in the waves, a lot of climbing both bike and run. Bike course has more than3000ft total climbing in18.8miles when we finish bike , more hills are coming to run course.
And then last 300ft to finish, we run soft sand at beach and the  last  hill to cross the goal. It is insane and a lot of challenge, mentally and physically.

Once gun off, all anxiety was gone. I just focused myself. How much I can push my body?  How do I feel now? It is about myself not other athletes. I was racing against me. Every moment I pushed hard as much as I could. Every seconds  all advices I learned from my coach, friends came into my mind " sustain, look front not behind...." every thing . I was able to keep calm and almost perfectly I race  how I wanted. Only one thing, I should have better swim. I should come out of water better position. I think where I started was mistaken. Other than that  I did more than100% I had at this moment.

I did all out, nothing left at the finish line. My mental helped me to go finish line even thought whole my body was dead at the beach run where 200ft from the finish.

My goal was tope 15th, but I was 17th but like I said I used everything I had the day. I did my race how I wanted be. What can I say? Other people trained harder then me and they are stronger and faster then me. They inspire me every time when I race with them. They give me a lot of motivation to me to be faster and stronger. I am so lucky I can race with those people and HOPE I will be able to close to them nest year,

I had a such a great season in 2014. I couldn't have it at all without all your support!

Thank-you very much.

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